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California Family Law consulting

Preparing for Appeal, Consulting in the Trial Court. In cases with appellate potential, it is critical for a trial lawyer to preserve the client's appellate rights by raising issues properly in the trial court. To preserve potential issues and frame them effectively for appeal, trial attorneys consult with Mr. Temko on matters such as

research and drafting points and authorities, and

preparing trial briefs, and

requests for statements of decision, and

objections to statement of decision, and

post hearing and post judgment motions.

Should a Case Be Appealed, Evaluating the Case. Having lost the RFO hearing or trial, a spouse or parent s does not know whether it is worth pursuing an appeal. Mr. Temko can be retained to consult with trial counsel, review the trial court pleadings and transcripts and evaluate the merits of an appeal before it is filed.

Evaluation may include

cost considerations, and

other avenues to change the result without an appeal, and

appellate standard of review, and

rules on appeal, and

the appellate process.